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Utomik FAQ

Last updated: May 9, 2016
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How does Utomik work?

What are the benefits of using Utomik?

Utomik makes playing games easy and fast. Games start up to a 100x faster. Once you have tried it you will appreciate just how easy it is to discover and launch games. Utomik runs the real game on your PC, so you get the 100% original game experience, not a low quality video stream surrogate.

How can the games start so fast?

Utomik downloads games in small parts. Thanks to our smart, innovative technology you can already start playing after a small part is downloaded. The rest of the game downloads in the background while you are playing.

Is it really streaming, or downloading and installing in the background?

Utomik downloads the game in small parts to your computer’s hard drive. No installation process is needed; simply click and play. Utomik is not a video streaming service like OnLive.

Do games stay on my hard drive?

Yes. Data that is downloaded stays on your hard drive. This means you don’t have to download it again when you play that game again. While you play, more data is downloaded in the background.

Sometimes a game startup size is still pretty large. How come?

Our streaming system benchmarks your internet speed at the start of loading the game. When your internet speed is slower, our system will download more of the game to serve as a buffer. If your internet speed increases during loading, our system will re-calculate and download less. Data already downloaded stays on your hard-drive and won’t be downloaded again.

How come Utomik is lag-free?

Utomik downloads and runs the game from your own PC hard drive. This ensures a good performance, identical to the original game.


Which game publishers will be on Utomik?

Utomik has signed publishing contracts totaling over 500 games and is rapidly expanding its library further. A selection of these games will be available during Open Beta, with more added weekly.

Why are some games being removed from Utomik after a certain date?

All games are subject to legal agreements with publishers and/or developers. These contractual rights vary per country or territory and are subject to price alterations as well as expiration dates. When these rights expire or changes occur altering the contract then games must be removed. We always do our best to provide subscribers with as much advance notification as possible as to when a game is going to be removed through notifications. These notifications are located under the play button on game overview pages.

If the game is already fully loaded on my PC, does the game still disappear on that date?

Yes. Even if the data is still on your hard drive, you will not be able to play the game anymore. It needs to be available on the Utomik service in order to start.

I heard that some games aren't available to me in my country. Why can't I access all games?

Games are always subject to publication rights and some titles apply restricted access in certain countries and territories. This means that users located in different countries/territories may not always see the same games in their Utomik client browser.

Can I play as many games as I want?

Yes. You are not limited to try only one game, you can play as many as you like, as long as you like.

I have a problem with running a game. Where can I get support?

Please post game issues in our Forum inside the Utomik Client.

Can I still play all the games when my subscription runs out?

You need an active subscription to play the games. Paid games that have been purchased remain available. Utomik powered games do require you to be logged into Utomik to play.

Account, Billing & Payment

What does Utomik cost in my country?

Utomik subscription costs {{basicSubscription | subscriptionPeriodPaymentInterval}} including a free {{basicSubscription | trialTime : true}} trial period. Money is only charged if you continue to use Utomik beyond your free period. Billing is done automatically every {{basicSubscription | subscriptionPeriod}}.

Which payment options will Utomik support?

We support major Credit Cards, PayPal and iDeal at this moment.

Is the billing automatic?

Yes, Utomik automatically charges your payment method monthly, starting after the {{basicSubscription | trialTime}} free period. Cancel at any time. If you cancel during your free {{basicSubscription | trialTime}}period, you won’t be charged any money.

In which countries is Utomik live at this moment?

Utomik is currently available worldwide, except for the following countries:

  • China
  • China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • China, Macao Special Administrative Region
  • Cuba
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Myanmar
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Syrian Arab Republic

If your country is on the list, and you would like to be notified when Utomik is supported for it, subscribe to the support mailing list.

I have a billing / account question. Where can I get support?

Please go here to contact our support team. Support tickets are handled within 24hrs during weekdays. Utomik support is English language only at this moment.

Utomik Client issues

I'm getting 'SSL error' or 'Error 35' when installing or using the Utomik Client!

Utomik relies on a secure encrypted connection between your PC and our servers. Some virus scanners and firewalls interfere with this encrypted connection. If you're getting an 'SSL error', please disable your firewall and virus scanner or ensure that Utomik.exe, UtomikHost.exe and nw.exe are whitelisted and allowed to connect with api.utomik.com without restrictions. If you're using Bitdefender, you can also temporarily disable its SSL Scan feature.